DIY Log Bed Frame

DIY Log Bed Frame

If you take a look on furniture’s history, you will realize that most of it was made by hand. Furniture was considered one of the most essential aspects of every home and is a homeowner’s pride and joy. Bedroom furniture is actually one of the most popularly crafted by craftsmen with utmost care and creativity. If people can afford it, they can always choose to buy hand crafted furniture pieces. But if they can’t, they surely can make their own! It is still considered handmade, right?

A rustic bed frame is pretty popular and it can be easily made with hand tools. All you need are chisel, hand saw and hammer. It can be a lot of effort and hard work but you can make your own bed frame for about $50. If you choose to stain it by using polyurethane, you will have to spend an extra since you will need to buy those. Our example here was stained using the Clear Gloss polyurethane. It is a queen size bed although you can always adjust it to any dimensions as you like.

The Hand Tools You’ll Need

You will only need a few tools. Consider preparing the following:

• Chisel (1-1/2 inch)

• Rubber Mallet (hitting chisel)

• Power drill

• Hand saw

• Five pieces of very straight 2x4 boards

• At least two clamps

• Hatchet (to remove limbs from the tree)

• Sandpapers

• Wood Glue

• Draw Knife to remove bark

• Level

• Measuring tape

You can also prepare an electric sander which is optional but will help you save some more time. The draw knife, on the other hand, gets your stuff smooth so you will need it often.

Handmade furniture is perfection in imperfection. There will always be minor flaws in your attempt to create a very attractive piece. So, try to see these little imperfections in a positive way.

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