DIY Flatpack Log Cabin for $9,999

DIY Flatpack Log Cabin for $9,999

Well not sure if this is a first globally or not, but it would seem that now you can buy a DIY flat-pack home kit at the Supermarket giant known as Tesco.

For those of us here in North America, Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer that has several stores located in the United Kingdom. This giant supermarket really is selling all that a shopper could need. Not only do the sell the house kit, you also can get it including the property! What a clever marketing giant!

Tesco that also sells groceries, electronics, clothing and wine now has a line of self-assembly log cabins.

Customers also will earn points. For the 'Finnlife' cabin model, a customer is going to pay 9,999 but they will earn 19,998 Clubcard points.No doubt that will pay for a lot of household supplies!

Those that are interested in this offer are advised to check with their local housing authorities to be sure they get all the building approvals and permissions before buying.

Not only can you buy it there, but Tesco also offers delivery right to your doorstep. They will bring the self-assembly log cabin kit to you and then the assembly is left in your hands.

The Helsinki model measures 32ftx15ft 10in. It is constructed from tongue and groove boards that slot together. It has eight windows, French doors, and the roof is made from felt shingles.

This model also boasts a decking area and double-glazing. You can upgrade to a guttering kit, underfloor heat as well as laminated flooring! Sounds pretty great for the DIY guy.

So are you starting to visualize yourself sitting on your deck, or how you are going to decorate the interior. How about those meals you plan to eat. Hey, you can always get your groceries at your now one-stop Tesco Supermarket! Please note that the price is in English Pounds not US dollars.

Buying a log Cabin Home

From buying a log cabin home, to finding the best log home builders & log home contractors. To finding a great log home designer, to log home maintainance and log home repair. To designing a great log house interior... this next article is going to set you on the path to owning a great log cabin or log home.

Best Log Home Builders

Do you want a custom log home? Do you have custom log home designs already drawn, or do you need to find a log home designer? Handcrafted log homes can be some of the most beautiful and most rustic. These take the longest to build and are the most costly (but worth it). Golden Eagle Log Homes, Peco Log Homes, Coventry Log Homes, Expedition Log Homes and Rocky Mountain Log Homes are some of the best handcrafted log home builders in the world.

Log Home Designer

Finding a log home designer is the first step in buying a log cabin home or handcrafted log home. Some log home builders and log home contractors will offer log home designer services, but not all of them. After you have found a log home builder, you will want to find a log home designer. is a great source for custom log home design blueprints. They can quickly design your custom log home and create a beautiful 3D visualization so that you can preview exactly what your great log cabin is going to look like.

Log Cabin Maintainance

After you have built a great log cabin of your very own, you will want to make sure that it gets proper log cabin maintainance. Log home repairs are not general frequently needed, and if you are careful about maintaining your log cabin, you won't generally need to do a log of log home repair. However, after the building process, it is important that your log home builder supervises your log home through it's settling process. During this process bolts will be tightened as logs slowly settle into place. Your log home builder will certainly assist you with this process.

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