DIY: Bed Turned Into Bench

DIY: Bed Turned Into Bench

I always think of the headboard bench as the ultimate recycle recycle project. Everyone loves an old-fashioned, shabby chic, cottage garden! Its a great way to showcase those perfect treasures found in antique stores, flea-markets or good will. A perfect way to incorporate your finds is to Repurpose / Reuse / Recycle them into your garden landscape and use your new salvaged pieces to add charm to your outdoor garden and make your own personalized haven!

Examples of up-cycling have included: taking old birdcages and painting them red or blue and using them as planters. Hanging mirrors and window frames in the garden to add depth and interest points. Mason jars make great vases and an old door can be used for an arbor or table for the garden. I have even hung an old chandelier from a tree in my backyard. Using old wine boxes as interesting planter shelves, and using an old bed to re-purpose to a garden bench or a potters bench.

All the projects were family friendly with the most complicated being the wood bed to bench conversion. I started with a twin maple wood frame, sanded it down and cut the foot-board exactly in half. Next was to pre-drill a few strategic holes and attach the sides to the back of the bench with some strong wood glue. Some leftover wood pallet gets nailed down to form the "seating part" of the bench. Once everything is dried and attached together, it is time to paint! Finish this project by making a couple cushions to bring outside and to use on your very own shabby-chic upcycled garden bench!

If you follow the below link to Goods Home Design it will provide you with inspiration and directions of ways you can add some salvaged and vintage finds - to repurpose in your garden!

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