Did You Know That a Log Home Is the Healthiest Possible House for Raising a Child?

Did You Know That a Log Home Is the Healthiest Possible House for Raising a Child?

We really have to give our sincerest thanks to wood for providing us with a pleasant living environment! By wood, we mean log cabins of course. Living in a log home can be utterly good for our physical and psychological health for so many reasons! Theres no possible way a log cabin experience can be anything but pleasant.Log cabin homes have a way of soothing all of the senses at once the wood looks gorgeous, feels gorgeous, even smells gorgeous. Especially cedar and pine! Theres nothing more comforting than snuggling up beside the fireplace in a log cabin at night, with the firelight flickering on the golden-hued walls, the scent of woodsmoke in the air, and the wooden beams wrapping us in a warm, protective embrace.

In places like Finland, for example, where issues of indoor air quality have been cropping up due to severe mould outbreaks, people have been turning more and more to natural home environments in particular, theyve been using wood as their main building material. Not only is wood aesthetically pleasing, scientific research is now proving what a positive effect it has on us psychologically. All over the world, people are returning to tried-and-true wood to build with. In France, as another example, a daycare centre was recently made with wooden logs because its well-known that wood provides children with the healthiest environment possible for their growth.

In Japan, theyve just build a beautiful log cabin neurological clinic and a childrens hospital again for the pleasant effects of wood and its contribution to positive growth. Its believed that wood can support any kind of health care work. Wood has been known to increase a sense of peacefulness in all of those who enter a log cabin structure! For those of us who have ever been in a log cabin or, even better, lived in one we know just how true this statement is. After living in a log home, its hard to imagine ever living anywhere else again.

Also, for anyone concerned about electrostatic charge, you neednt be concerned any longer if you live in a log cabin home! Thats because wood doesnt emit any kind of an electrostatic charge whatsoever. Building with wood will also keep allergies down to the barest minimum. So if you have kids with asthma or chronic allergies, a log cabin home would work best for you.

There are so many benefits to living in a log cabin, we probably wont be able to touch on all of them here but, in addition to its pleasing qualities, wood is just very practical as a building material. When it comes to insulation, wood is right at the top of the list not only is it an extraordinary insulator, its also an amazing energy saver as well. Why? Because, unlike metal or synthetic materials, wood does not expand when its heated; it actually becomes harder. You want your heating bills to go down? Then use wood to build your new home!

Another great thing about using wood to build your log cabin home is its environmentally friendly. Thats right! Not only will you save money in the long run, you will also cut down on your carbon footprint when you turn to log cabin living. When choosing your new log cabin home contractors, however, do make sure they are obtaining their wood in a responsible manner. Many eco-friendly construction companies are using beautiful reclaimed wood for their log cabin projects these days, creating beautiful homes for people without tearing down forests while they do it.

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