Did You Know That 68% of Tiny House Dwellers Have No Mortgage?

Did You Know That 68% of Tiny House Dwellers Have No Mortgage?

The Ovida Getaway Tiny House in the Woods is a modern and simple tiny house design, designed by Wyatt Komarin, Rachel Moranis and Addison Godine. The tiny house was built by Patrick Mulroy. The Ovida Getaway tiny house in the woods is available to stay in. This tiny private house is the woods, is a great place to getaway and recharge. The tiny cabin is two hours away from Boston, Massachusetts. The Getaway tiny cabins are 160 square feet tiny houses on wheels and are custom designed by their student architects using the newest innovations in environmentally friendly technology. Getaway tiny houses will also eventually be offering tiny house places to stay in other cities. When you book a Getaway tiny cabin your fee includes two guests regardless of the tiny cabin you stay in. They will have fresh bed linens for you, along with bath towel, the basic kitchen essentials, and marshmallow sticks (yay!). You also have the option at booking to add up to two additional guests in the larger cabins for a small extra fee. When you arrive you also have the option of purchasing food, and activities extras from the Getaway provisions.

Inside of the Getaway tiny cabins, they've stocked the provisions with lots of meals, snacks and activities. You can feel free to use whatever you would like. Whether you want an easy meal, need some firewood or charcoal, or are simply feeling like a bicycle ride. They have a little something for everyone. All you have to do is keep track of the jars that you have opened on the sheet in the tiny cabin, and then pay for it with the cash inside the designated jar. Each jar is between $2 to $4 and is marked on the jar. They hope that their tiny house campers follow the Honor System when using any of the provided provisions. Just in case, you were wondering some of the provisions might include hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cereal, rice, granola, soup mix, pasta sauce, pasta, beef jerky, a s'more kit just to name a few. You may also find some matches, playing cards, charcoal, bocce ball, a key for unlocking the bicycles, and other activities. What a great idea! Inside the Getaway tiny cabins are a heater, a queen bed, a two-burner stove, shower, a composting or electric toilet, classic Coleman cooler, kitchen supplies, full sized sink and wireless speaker. The individual tiny cabins may have other features, such as The Ovida that also has two Twin XL sized-nooks and The Clara, which offers a twin sized bunk and a twin sized sleeping pad.

All of the Getaway tiny cabins are guaranteed to be only a two-hour drive or less from the city of Boston; that is without traffic. Getaway tiny cabins notify you of your exact location at least 24 hours before your trip. You will want to take a look at the site at these beautiful tiny house cabin designs, all in nice natural locations where you can enjoy some time away, and have a tiny house adventure. You can even bring your dog along, but you need to follow the rules. Pets are allowed on the tiny cabin properties, but you must stay with your pet at all times and be sure to keep them on a leash when outside. You may leave them inside the tiny cabin if you leave the area, as long as they don't cause any damages to the interior. All pet litter has to be cleaned up before you leave. The Getaway tiny cabins are available are year long to stay in.

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