Dare Not to Say It's Unaffordable before You Have a Closer Look

Dare Not to Say It's Unaffordable before You Have a Closer Look

Get your architectural inspirations from this post of Prefab Homes Craftsman Style Minimalist Design. Prefab homes are not a new concept, in fact they have been around for over one hundred years and more. When you see the beauty of some of these awesome prefab homes, you will be in awe of how beautiful the prefab homes can really be. Some people think that prefab homes have to all be the same and that they are generally boring in their designs. But this really couldn't be further from the truth really. The styles of prefab houses can vary from buyer to buyer, and each person could have a different house. You can have a design that is perfect for you and your family and a style that suits your style just perfectly.

Prefabricated homes are a great way to get the home you really want for a great affordable price. As mentioned before, prefab home kits have been around a while and have always given people the option of a great looking house, that can be quickly assembled, that is also a great price. One of the very first companies on the scene to offer prefab houses was The Aladdin Company. They sold the homes through their catalogue which was complete with drawings of what the finished built home would look like when it was finished. Then another company, Roebuck and Co, and also Sears, which is still well known today, were the best sellers of prefabricated homes and they sold over 100,000 homes within the period of 1908 until 1940.

Its so wild to know that at that time, in the earlier days of existence, the prefabricated homes, would only cost around $2500. This made for a very affordable way to go about building a brand new house for middle class families and was considered very attainable at that time as well. Imagine if houses only costed that much these days?! When soldiers came back from World War II, they also saw the affordable, and quick option as a great way to get a nice house, and they bought prefabricated mobile homes for their families, as a way to be able to afford a home once they returned from war. Some of these types of houses are even still standing today, so you can see that they surly didn't sacrifice quality when it came to the materials of these homes.

The houses you see here are a perfect example of how beautiful prefab housing can be. The one in the main photo just looks like any house you would see on the market today. It is very contemporary, and a fairly decent size. The siding looks nice and modern in a lovely grey tone, and the porch has a very traditional mixed with modern look, with the thicker beams that hold up the awning. They even used stones in the foundation of the beams, which is a classic way that old traditional styles of homes used to be built. The little bright canary yellow home also shows that when people buy a prefab home, that it is easy to customize it and really jazz it up any way that you like and that suits your style. The sky is the limit really. I also really like the green one, green is a nice colour for a home, and this shade is a nice and bright one that really would cheer up the whole block! So prefabricated homes don't have to be boring, as you will see in the photos on the Glee Sucks website, so have a look and get some inspiration at these beautiful, unique houses. You may even want to built your very own!

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