Dare Not to Say It's Too Expensive before You Have a Closer Look (Click for Floor Plan)

Dare Not to Say It's Too Expensive before You Have a Closer Look (Click for Floor Plan)

Everything you will need to build the Swiftwater log house is included in the awesome Coventry log homes log building package. They include the floor system, the wall building system, the loft system, the interior wall system, the interior and exterior doors, as well as the roof system, is also included in the package, as well as the windows for the log home. So all of the pieces needed to build the log home is ready to be assembled by following the instructions in the package. Each piece of the log home building kit is perfectly handcrafted, and then assembled in the Coventry Log Homes warehouse. The pieces are then packaged up together as the log building package and sent to the customer's building site to be assembled by a professional builder.

The Swiftwater log home is a darling and simple log home that would be perfect for full-time use, or as a cabin that could be used seasonally. In this design, the vaulted ceilings give the home those stunning cathedral ceilings that look beautiful in a home and give it so much airy space. The porch is a wonderful feature on the front of the house, and there is even an awesome deck on the back of the home too. As you will see in the photos on the Coventry Log Homes website, the way that the log home is built is different depending on the landscape it is built on. For example, if the land were a little more sloped, you would have to put the log home up on some stilts in order to keep it level. But as you will see in the other photos, the very same log home built on flat land looks quite different!

This particular log home floor plan is 1,140 square feet and has two bedrooms, and one bathroom. There is a loft above the main living area, which could also be great for a sleeping area. The open concept kitchen area and living room area is perfect for everyday use and entertaining purposes alike. For a lovely, simple home this log cabin floor plan would be a great choice. The photos on the Coventry Log Homes website show that the interior walls are made up of the flat side of the log, giving the inside of the home that nice wooden glow, without the curved log. A fireplace can be installed in the log home and the modern fireplaces are so efficient at heating the entire home, and logs are so great at retaining all of the heat within the walls created by them. So this log home would be sure to stay warm all year round.

The windows they picture from the interior photos show some nice smaller windows on the ceiling level, which is a wonderful idea, to add some style and allow some light to get into the space. The windows are not able to be opened either, which would be great for keeping all of that warm air in too. There are plenty of opening windows on the main level to ventilate the space as well, which is important so as not to create mould and mildew. The photos of the Swiftwater log home show the house looking just as great in the summer as it does in the winter. What a wonderful log home to build and to have for decades to come to enjoy with friends and family. Log homes and cabins are a wonderful piece of real estate to pass down from generation to generation as they do tend to last many many years. Have a look at the lovely Swiftwater Log Home and many other great log home floor plans on the Coventry Log Homes website and see just how beautiful log home living truly is.

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