Cutie Of A Cabin Even Cuter Inside and Priced Lower Then You Might Think

Cutie Of A Cabin Even Cuter Inside and Priced Lower Then You Might Think

There are all sorts of tiny house, small house, and log cabins available for use as vacation homes, permanent homes and guest cottages, with plenty of designs, styles and plans for every preference and need. This "Cutie Of A Cabin," for sale, is a beauty on a nice piece of property in Colorado.

This cute cabin, is located in Westcliffe, Colorado, has one bedroom, one bathroom and a common kitchen, living room. The 448 square foot space, is situated on nine acres of grassland, with ponderosa pines and pion pine trees. The handcrafted tiny cabin, is fully insulated, with wood clad double paned windows, lofty cathedral ceiling, solar powered energy good for off grid tiny home living, propane powered four burner range, oven and refrigerator. All the furnishings in the tiny cabin are included. There is a porta potty and shower. The tiny cabin has beautiful mountain views from its 388 square foot deck, the tiny cabin is for sale at a price of $89,900.

The website this tiny cabin is on, has plenty of other tiny house listing for sale, located all over the United States. Some of the categories to find on the site include; tiny homes for sale, tiny houses, prefab houses, small house plans, houses for sale, browse tiny homes, tiny house parking, tiny house plans, workshops, resources and a tiny house blog. You never know what you'll find when you browse on this great tiny house website, as each tiny house listed is so unique to the property and area that it is located, along with getting to see all sorts of original tiny houses in a variety of sizes, plans, styles and designs, each a reflection of its owners and builders.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Listings," website.

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