Cute Little Texas Vacation Log Cabin

Cute Little Texas Vacation Log Cabin

Trestlewood specializes in beautiful, distinctive wood with a history. Major product lines include antique wood flooring, reclaimed timbers and beams (hand-hewn, weathered or resawn), barnwood siding, reclaimed lumber and reclaimed wood mantels.

We love reclaimed wood. March, 2013, marked the 20 year anniversary of Trestlewood's entry into the reclaimed wood arena. There was nothing gradual about this entry - we kicked things off by acquiring the salvage rights to the greater than 20 million board feet of timbers, lumber and logs in the Great Salt Lake's Lucin Cutoff Railroad Trestle (see The Trestlewood Story.) 20 years later, the trestle, while still the single largest source of Trestlewood products, accounts for less than 25% of our sales. Trestlewood has had the privilege of working with over 50 million board feet of reclaimed lumber, timbers and logs from a wide variety of sources (and involving a wide range of species, dimensions and other characteristics.) What is so good about reclaimed wood? For the sake of brevity, we have condensed our answer to this question into a Top 10 list: Top 10 Reasons We Love Reclaimed Wood.

Trestlewood also offers NatureAged, Harbor Fir and other product lines that are manufactured from new lumber to provide a reclaimed wood look and many of the other advantages of antique wood products. These manufactured products can provide attractive alternatives or supplements to reclaimed lumber, flooring and timber products. (See When to Consider Our Reclaimed Wood Alternatives.)

Trestlewood reclaimed wood products have been used throughout the United States (in 47 of 50 states!) and in several other countries. Click on the following links to see photos of Trestlewood products at use in some states in which they have been especially popular: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

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