Cute Little 500sqft Strawbale Tiny House

Cute Little 500sqft Strawbale Tiny House

There are many options available for anyone considering building their home, the size of the structure you decide on building will be just one factor in determining the cost to build your place. Another factor that will affect the cost of your home is what materials you use to build, this Cute Little 500ft Strawbale Tiny House left me feeling inspired.

Strawbale homes are known to be an affordable choice when building your structure. This particular small house is made even more cost efficient with the use of reclaimed wood and natural materials in its construction. Small and tiny houses have been gaining in popularity in recent years, with some people choosing to live in the homes full time, while others might decide to use as a vacation cottage, or retreat. One thing for sure is with a 500 square foot space you know it will be cost effective to heat and easier to cool.

Strawbale construction is a method of building that uses bales of straw within the structure. This method is a very sustainable type of construction due to both the materials used and the energy used for cooling and heating. It is a wise building choice as straw is renewable, it is cost effective and the homes are known to be naturally fire retardant. Some disadvantages may be if not the house is not properly constructed, they could be susceptible to rot.

The strawbales are often stacked within a wooden frame on top of a foundation. In this house the interior walls were covered with clay plaster dug from the site, and covered with wood siding. Plaster can also be used to cover the exterior of the building. Strawbale homes are not only sustainable and cost effective, but a visually appealing option when building a new home or cottage.

Strawbale homes can be built to whatever size needed from small and tiny homes, small garden rooms, guest houses and cottages, full sized two storey homes, there is even a hotel in Switzerland built with strawbales. There are many resources available to people interested in strawbale homes from books, DVD's, websites and even workshops where you can get some hands on knowledge. If considering this building option, look to see if there is anyone in your community knowledgeable about strawbale homes, often people in the community will get together and help with the building of these structures.

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