Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Did you have a favourite dish during your childhood? I bet every one of us have our own favourite comfort food, and this Crockpot Beef Stroganoff would definitely fit under the comfort food recipe category. If you are looking for a great recipe to cook for your family, love Beef Stroganoff, and would be interested in an exciting twist to the original recipe, then this is a great recipe to try out. Now is the perfect time to spice up your cooking skills! You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and quickly you can prepare this recipe.

Are you a fan of crock pot recipes? If you are, then this will give you another reason to love this recipe. A crockpot or slow cooker is one of those appliances many people cannot live without. Who ever thought of inventing a counter top electrical appliance that simmers the all of the ingredients of a recipe by maintaining a relatively low temperature for long periods of time, is a genius! The other great thing about this amazing kitchen appliance is that it can be left for long periods of time unattended without having to worry about starting a fire. So your Crockpot Beef Stroganoff can simmer all day long while you go about your work and your daily duties, and you will have dinner ready to eat when you are done with the day! What could be better than that?

For those who are not familiar with beef stroganoff, here is a little information about it. Beef stroganoff or stroganov is a Russian dish made from sauted pieces of beef served in a sauce called Smetana or sour cream. It originated in the mid-19th century Russia and became popular around the world taking on various adaptations in different countries.

This recipe makes use of a cube steak as the beef ingredient. This cube steak is a cut of beef which is usually the top round or top sirloin that is tenderized by fierce pounding with a meat tenderizer. What makes this dish oozing with mouthwatering creaminess? Well, this is because of the condensed golden mushroom soup that is a product of Campbells. Dont forget to put in lots of cheese to add some creamier flavor. Worcestershire sauce is also needed in this recipe to bring in some more of that savoury flavour. Worcestershire sauce or shortened as Worcester sauce, is a made up of a fermented mixture of spirit vinegar, molasses, barley malt vinegar, salt, sugar, anchovies, tamarind extract, garlic, and onions. Worcester sauce is of British origin that was produced to sell by Lea & Perrins in the early 1900s. Now we know and love it quite well as an addition to many different recipes. Aside from the cheese and the condensed golden mushroom soup, dont forget the sour cream. Sour cream is a dairy product, that is made by fermenting regular cream with lactic acid bacteria. The bacterial culture either naturally or deliberately sours or thickens the cream making it very rich and creamy.

You basically add all of these ingredients into the crock pot and then cooking time may take up to 5-6 hours. This crock pot recipe makes six servings, enough for the whole family, and even for some leftovers! I bet this dish is 100% two thumbs up for anyone who would taste this. What are you waiting for? Try out this awesome Crockpot Beef Stroganoff recipe for dinner sometime soon, you might just love it enough to add it to your regular menu!

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