Creative and Cost-Effective Ideas for a Backyard Living Room

Creative and Cost-Effective Ideas for a Backyard Living Room

If you are thinking about adding on to your existing house, to create a play room, or a room to be a sanctuary, then you might want to check out this Backyard Tiny House Retreat. Before you go making plans to totally and drastically change your current dwelling situation by adding onto it to create space for another room for a specific purpose, why not consider building an accessory dwelling unit in your own back yard? So, instead of going through the hassle, of having to change your plans and get all sorts of permits to build onto an existing dwelling, why not just look into building a little tiny house retreat like this one?

Many more people are opting to build these kind of smaller units right in their own back yards. These back yard structures can either be used as a little retreat or back yard living room, like what you see here in this post from Tiny House Pins. Many home owners build these units for use as an artist's studio space, or a music studio, for recording music. One other thing that is becoming more popular, is for home owners to build a back yard tiny house for an income property that they rent out monthly, or even to put on Airbnb as a vacation rental for people to stay in when they are vacationing. It turns out that this can be a fabulous way to make a supplementary income or a full time income, as would the owner of a Bed and Breakfast. There are increasing numbers of people renting out spaces for this reason, all over the world. It is creating for people a wonderful way to make some extra money while meeting people from all over the world.

This particular fun and funky backyard retreat, looks to be a very stylish back yard living room. The vibrant green colour gives it a really great look with personality, and also blends into the garden surroundings quite nicely. Decorated in a very fun and fresh retro 1970s look, this house creates a wonderful place to relax and enjoy alone, or with friends and family and provides a separate space for those moments when you need to be out of the main house, but you don't want to go too far. This is a fabulous place to unwind and relax with a book, or maybe to go off on your own and write or meditate alone. Especially if you live in a large house with kids or other people like roommates or in a co housing situation, a place like this can be a welcome sight. Even though you may be a social person, we all need some alone time every now and then, to collect our thoughts, and check in with ourselves.

Most of these structures can be constructed fairly easily, and sometimes you don't even need a lot of building materials, depending on how large you wish to create your little backyard oasis. This particular one didn't seem like it took too much to build, and is a very simple design, with french doors and some windows added in. Another great option is to check out pre fabricated houses that you can purchase from a company online, or maybe even in your own community. These structures are pre built in a warehouse, so they are ready to be assembled with all of the parts included in the kit. This makes building a breeze and a unit this size, could be finished in a weekend or two and built by you and a friend or family member. Think about how great it would be to have an extra room right in your own back yard. What would you use yours for?

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