Creamy Cheesy Potatoes

Creamy Cheesy Potatoes

Comfort foods just have the power quite often to take us back to our childhood, a time when mom did all the cooking and made us our favourite foods just when we needed them. This "Creamy Cheesy Potatoes," recipe is the ultimate comfort food, that you just can't resist trying. Everyone loves the notion of comfort food, and there is a level of nostalgia that comes along with having some comforting food that comforts you, and brings you back to a simpler time in your life. A time when all of the worries and responsibilities of the adult world didn't exist, and you were able to be care free and had people to look out for you all the time. I think that is why people love the dishes that they consider to be comfort meals. These comfort foods differ for each and every person, just like people's favourite foods differ too. For most people though, comfort foods involve lots of creamy goodness, and a lot of cheese that is melted all over. Just like these awesome potatoes, that have so much cheese on them, they could satisfy your comfort food craving for a good while.

These creamy cheesy potatos are found at almost every holiday dinner the recipe creator has, and it's no wonder they look delicious. For this creamy cheesy potato recipe, the author, Jonna, used red potatoes were from her last years harvest, but you can use simple Idaho potatoes or any other type you like really. Then, after you peel your potatoes you'll want to get out your 9 by 13 inch pan to put them in, or larger if you are making more potatoes. I always think the more food you make, the better, as leftovers are always a good thing. You'll want to thinly slice the potatoes like shoestring fries, and some of the ingredients include whipping cream or half and half, grated cheese, Colby or sharp cheddar works good, along with a sprinkle of parmesan. Wow, that is an epic amount of cheese isn't it?! So this will be an epic comfort food to have, no doubt! You'll want to take a look at this great recipe site to get the full recipe details, with lots of photos included.

This recipe blog, Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake, is created by Jonna, who was named after her father Jon. Jonna is not a chef or a professional cook, but a happy wife of 35 years and mother of four girls, and nana to ten, who really loves to cook and bake. Jonna learned to cook from her mom, who was busy raising 6 kids and often left the cookie jar job up to her. Her mom let her have free reign of the kitchen for her recipes as long as she cleaned up the mess afterwards, this is where she learned to make meal recipes, and discovered her true passion for creating dessert recipes and sweet recipes. How awesome! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake," website.

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