Cozy Log Cabin Built for Less then $700

Cozy Log Cabin Built for Less then $700

Want to know how to build a cabin for less than $700? We built this cabin for less than $500! So it does prove that it can be done with very little money, assistance from friends, and good old fashioned hard work.

I mean, who wouldn't be proud to not only live a cosy place like this but to also know that you built it all by yourself!

If you do it right and build it sensibly, it can become the perfect home for even a small family living frugally.

So, in my spare time this simple, but cozy bush cabin was constructed with the completion totaling 8 months. What worked for me was getting some of my friends from our local sporting club to come and help out with construction of the place, alternatively you can you could find friends from you r church group, book club, schools and local organisations for assistance. I wouldn't have been able to complete it in time without the help from these guys!

Now i hear you say that 8 months is not that fast for some....... however keep in mind: this cabin is somewhat isolated, no machinery was used, all the logs and materials were carried under our shoulders, I often worked alone and in at least 3 feet of snow. The home was built when I wasn't working 50+ hours at my jobs, but rather in my spare time, and when I wasn't spending time with my family. Anyone knows that these types of construction projects take longer when it's out in the bush!