Cowboy Log Homes

Cowboy Log Homes

Do you have dreams to build your cabin in the woods? Or just a home built out of logs? Check out this awesome web site, Cowboy Log Homes, filled with photos of beautiful log cabins and log homes! Log homes are Mike and Sue Lemmon's passion, a couple from Belgrade, MT who own Cowboy Log Homes and work very closely with their customer's building process. Often they will be found right on the building site as they love the hands on aspect of the job. On their well designed web page you can find all sorts of building plans, and packages for your own personal projects. You can also see that they will work with you on the plan of your dreams. There is a wonderful gallery of some of their projects under many different subtitles. They have built and designed a lot of homes!

Its so cool to see a couple working together doing what each person is passionate about and putting it all together into a business that can help others to achieve their dream home! They even have lists of many different types of floor plans for varying square footages. They have Log Home Packages as well so they cater to a wide variety of people. If you live in the area, they would be great people to go to to get your project done! I imagine they would be great to work with on your home project. You can tell that they are very passionate about what they do and love to extend that out to other people. Which is very important when building your dream house that you are going to live the rest of your life in. So check out their great web site and give them a call if you can use their services! Or save it for future projects!

For more information visit the link below to 'Cowboy Log Homes'.

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