Couple Living in 500-Square-Foot Small House By Smallworks Studios

Couple Living in 500-Square-Foot Small House By Smallworks Studios

Many people are making the move to tiny and small homes, for various reasons from affordability to just wanting to downsize. This couple living in 500-square-foot small house by Smallworks Studios, is a refreshing tiny house that would be appealing to a vast majority of people.This beautiful 500 square foot tiny house feels spacious with its white walls, modern appliances and loft bedroom. The luxurious kitchen, living room with balcony and garage space make the space feel even grander, no detail were missed. There is not a lot of furnishings in this tiny house space, it doesn't need a lot of furnishings to take up space, the window seat is an added bonus. The flat roof would be suitable for solar panels or a green living roof.

The couple who owns this tiny house are Brendon and Akua who live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where the tiny laneway house is located. Laneway houses are a growing trend in Vancouver, a way to help make housing in the expensive city more affordable. On the Smallworks Studio site you will find other laneway tiny house designs that you will love, along with other tiny house designs to choose from. The quality tiny house designs don't feel small at all. And what they lack in size they certainly make up for in style and design. Small works Studios have built over 100 custom, laneway houses, more than any other laneway house builder. They offer the latest tiny house design and space saving solutions.

This excellent tiny house website has so much information to help anyone who is considering a move into a tiny house, it is a great resource to answer all your tiny house questions. Some of the information available on this tiny house site includes micro house living information. Did you know that micro houses are smaller than tiny houses? Typically a micro house is a house that is less than 200 square feet in size. A micro house might include a teardrop camper, sheds, bicycle, or micro camper. Tiny house information. A tiny house is typically a small house design that is less than 500 square feet in size, and might include tiny houses like tiny cabins, log cabins, house trucks, treehouse RVs, and travel trailers.

On the site you will also find lots of tiny house photos to inspire, along with plenty of tiny house information from tiny house questions and answers, tiny house interviews, stories from people who live in tiny houses, tiny house news, and more. You will also find tiny house floor plans, tiny house blogs, tiny house videos, tiny house links and tiny house design plans. You will also find a wide variety of tiny houses to include small houses, tiny cottages, park models, house boats, yurts, shipping container homes, dome homes, cob cottages and so much more. Would you ever consider living in a tiny house? If so what sort of tiny house would you like to live in?

There have never been more tiny house design and style options then there are today. This popular trend is a more affordable option then buying a larger home, that often requires a lifetime of working to pay off. Building or buying a smaller home or tiny house, can give people the chance to live a life that revolves less around paying off a big mortgage and more about doing the things you enjoy in life. Living in a tiny house might allow for more traveling, hobbies and pastimes. The more you read about tiny house living the more it will probably makes sense to you. It is a movement that often leaves people feeling a sense of excitement at a life that can be more than just a dream.

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