Could This Be The Most Perfect Little Log Cabin Ever Made?

Could This Be The Most Perfect Little Log Cabin Ever Made?

Look at the photo of this little Log Cabin. You may ask yourself if this is not one of the most perfect little log cabins ever made. If I am to judge, yes, it is! Who wouldnt think of perfection when you see this tiny log home? The look of this little log cabin implies sophistication the woodwork is interesting and beautifully executed. This is the kind of home youd want to have, live, and pass on to the next generations of your family. You may be wondering who built this house? We shall introduce the company to you!

I present to you friendly and down-to-earth The Little Log House Company. This is the company that will make your log home dreams come true. It is based in Belfast in Northern Ireland. The Little Log House Company focuses on building beautiful quality log homes. As stated in their website, their log homes are handmade. They are made via traditional methods. Large and semi-round logs are used. The logs homes built by the Little Log House Company have a unique style and simplistic but eye-catching beauty. The Little Log House Company says in their website, They (log cabins) don't resemble the many mass produced log buildings on the market that are often basic with thin timber walls.

They have been in the business for over 30 years. Full design and building service are offered by the company. They do not only focus on building log homes but also restoration and conservation. We can help with planning applications, provide architectural drawings and structural calculations, and have experienced craftsmen willing to travel and construct on site if required... offers The Little Log House Company.

So just contact the company if ever you want your dream log home in reality. Meanwhile, click The Little Log House Company website below to see the perfect little log house. Enjoy!

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