Compact and Cozy, yet with an Amazing Feeling of Space (Click for Floor Plan)

Compact and Cozy, yet with an Amazing Feeling of Space (Click for Floor Plan)

You will fall in love with the Astoria Log Cabin Plan, a 1,313 log home with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms. This is a dream log cabin home. Compact and cozy, it still feels spacious and light inside. You could use this stunning log cabin as a guesthouse or small vacation home. The overall feel of the log cabin is fresh, with modern post and beam construction, with two upper covered decks, and an exterior spiral staircase. The log cabin design is spread out over two floors, with an open living/dining/ kitchen area below, and the master bedroom with ensuite upstairs. This log cabin is a great size for getting away and weekends and enjoying some rest, and relaxation in a nice location away from the city.

The My Woodhome site is a great place to look if log cabin or log home living is something you are thinking about or something you are interested in. You will find a wide variety of log home topics covered on the site including log home budgets, log home plans, log home design and log home floor plans. You will also be able to find log home floor plans, log home builds, log home furnish, maintaining a log home and log home companies and products.

When it comes to building your log home or log cabin you will learn a lot along the way. Caulking and chinking are just two of the words you might hear when you get towards the end of your log home or log cabin build. As they are among the final products that go into a log cabin or log home. And they are also among the most important things to know. Caulking and chinking not only seal air leaks and keep out rain, but they can also help protect the log home and log cabin from uninvited guests, including decay and insects.

It is important to know that caulking and chinking will only work if you choose the right products. You want to select products that are appropriate to your log homes design and compatible with the log home finish or preservative on the logs. So to make the right choice, you first have to understand how caulking and chinking can differ.

Both caulking and chinking are what are known as log home and log cabin sealants. All log homes and log cabins need a certain amount of caulking; you want to caulk between log courses, at log corners, and around the windows and log home doors. Log home and log cabin caulking comes in different textures and colors that will blend in with the stains used on the logs so at a distance it is nearly invisible.

Whether a log home or log cabin needs chinking depends on the log profile or log home building system you choose. It can be required between log courses on homes that are designed with a horizontal gap between the logs. Chinking is clearly visible on the surface of the log walls and can look decorative while being functional. Chinking is particularly popular with log home owners who want their home to have a historic look and feel. To determine the right caulking and chinking products, you will want to talk to your log home builder or someone that knows what is best. Once you find the proper products, you will have a better understanding of what works, and what looks best.

Owning and maintaining a log home, is one of most rewarding experiences you will have. Once your log home is built, you can start making memories that will last a lifetime, in the log home and location of your dreams.

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