Comfortable Rustic Log Cabin in the Middle of the Forest

Comfortable Rustic Log Cabin in the Middle of the Forest

This "Comfortable Rustic Cabin" tucked away into the perfect forest spot is the sort of rustic log cabin that dreams are made of. This little log cabin has a country porch, with wooden flower planters, wild flowers outside the front door, a stone fireplace and it looks like it's been sitting there a while weathered by the sun perfectly.

There is something about log homes and log cabins that feels familiar, through the years they have been providing us with amazing and comfortable home that we love. Log homes and log cabins are steeped in tradition and history, with many log homes being some of the first homes that were on the land, as they were easily made with the trees that stood on the land. Log homes are especially popular in areas such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States and Russia,where log home construction was the most popular building technique. This was due to the fact that these areas had lots of tall and straight coniferous trees, like spruce and pine trees to use. In areas of the world that are warmer and deciduous trees are more readily available, you will find more timber framed homes being built.

Log homes, log cabins, log chalets and log lodges can be found all over the world and are especially popular in places that are located in nature. Log chalets are a favorite choice when it comes to mountain side places to live, they fit in beautifully with their natural surroundings and environment. There is something extra special about building a home out of the resources that are found on the property that you build it on. This is why you will often see stone fireplaces in log homes, they are another natural material that is found on the land that goes well with the natural theme of a log home. Log homes for years have provided a well protected and durable type of home that people seem to keep going back to time and time again, and will continue building as they are sure to be loved and admired for years to come. Log homes seem to keep getting better and better, with the mix of modern and rustic, you can't go wrong, whether the log home you are building is large, or on a smaller scale it doesn't matter, as each log home or log cabin is unique and special in its own way, made even better by the details that go into decorating it.

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