College Students Build $489 Tiny House

College Students Build $489 Tiny House

Here is something that is really inspiring, especially for those who are still in college or university. This is the story of College Students build $489 tiny house. You can design and build a tiny house that won't cost you too much. In fact, it could only take you around $489 to build a house! This is just the article that you need if you are looking for some inspiration for building your tiny house. You don't need a huge house anyway, especially if you are just a student. Instead of paying rent that is ridiculously right high, this alternative is brilliant, and everyone should consider doing it.

Everything is possible if you put your heart and mind to a project. Imagine, they only spent $489 in total to build it! That amount is even less than what some people would pay for their car fees on a monthly basis! It is indeed amazing what dedication and passion can accomplish. It is mind blowing even to come up with an actual house that is livable for that amount. Others would say it is impossible, but for these two college students in Iowa, it is a reality.

The tiny house looks like professionals built it. It is not that lavish, but it is simple enough that anyone who will live in it would still find it comfortable, especially for that price. If you are ready to dive into this idea, all you need to have is an open mind and, of course, the right tools to build this tiny house. The inspiration from these guys will certainly inspire you.

These students had no construction background and no money, but Amy Andrews and Ethan Van Kooten built a tiny house. The pair of students came in over their budget of zero.The Central College seniors built a 260-square-foot tiny house dwelling out of old hog feeders, demolished buildings, grain bins, and other dusty piles of junk headed for the landfill. Tiny houses are more popular than ever with tiny homes of 400 square feet of living space or less. You see tiny house designs all over the place on shows like HGTVs Tiny House Hunters, and DIY Networks Tiny House Builders. But building a tiny house for such a low price is typically unheard of.

Students Andrews and Van Kooten are classmates in an environmental science class held at Pella College. They were inspired by last year's class trip to Costa Rica, where they stayedin small dwellings powered by solar panels, they teamed up to do research for a senior class project. It is then that they learned that the average size of U.S. homes is rising from 1,525 square feet in 1973 to 2,598 last year. With homes being responsible for 18 percent of the carbon dioxide that is released in the United States. They also discussed the topic in class with Anya Butt, the college's director of environmental studies, who wondered who would want to heat, clean, or buy enough stuff to own a huge home. The teacher admits she had doubts that her students could pull it off, because there was one huge challenge.

What the pair of students had in common was a farm background. Andrews grew up on a small farm near Shellsburg, and Van Kooten's family farm is on the edge of Pella. They both knew how to work hard and had a farmer's mindset, which simply put is if something needs doing, you do it yourself. So when no grants were available for their project, they began looking around Van Kooten's family farm for building materials, just like two young fort-builders. On the farm property they found an old granary built by three generations of Van Kootens in 1952, a bit ragged and holey and filled with junk. That was just the beginning.

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