Cold Inside but Toasty Warm Inside

Cold Inside but Toasty Warm Inside

"La Luge, A Modern Ski Cabin In Quebec" is a small vacation cottage that is located in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. This modern and beautiful tiny cottage is close to a major ski hill, and was designed by Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes as a retreat for enjoying the winter season and its activities. To make this tiny cottage comfortable in cold weather, the tiny cottage is equipped with a fireplace, cozy built in beds, a sauna and a hot tub.

Inside this tiny cottage are window walls on all four sides that connect the occupants with the stunning landscape while the surrounding forest maintains their privacy. The main entrance of the tiny house leads to a convenient foyer/mudroom area that has a bench, a large closet for bulky winter coats, and hooks for hanging items to dry. Most tiny house designs have the entrance opening directly into the living area, with not even a coat closet nearby. While that might work in warm dry climates, it doesn't work in places that get a lot of snow or rain, so this foyer/mudroom is an extra bonus in an area like this. The open living space is fairly compact but manages to look and feel spacious. There is a sliding door between the living area and the master bedroom right at the window wall. When the sliding door is open, it allows for wider views and an increased sense of spaciousness for both rooms. The architects also kept the ceiling of the adjacent bathroom low enough so that the sight lines and light from the entry windows beyond could pass over it. In the kitchen, the fridge is tucked into its own alcove facing away from the living area. As with the rest of the tiny cottage, the wood interior finishes add warmth and appeal to the room.

The floating wood stove in the tiny house is modern and unique, the entire design of this tiny house space is original and quite beautiful. There is also a large second bedroom that is a bunkroom designed for flexibility of use. With a pair of bunkbeds and a built in king sized bed, this space can be used as either a childrens room or a guest bedroom. A large open area in the tiny house provides play space for the kids, and sliding doors open it to or close it off from the main living area as needed. Every detail in this tiny house space is well thought of and innovative. About a quarter of the 1,300 square foot living space is devoted to a huge spa like bathroom, that has a separate bathtub and walk in shower, and the adjacent sauna which is perfect for use all year long. If the spa bathroom would not have been added the tiny cottage could have been made a lot smaller or the space could have been used for another bedroom or two, but this spa like bathroom really gives this tiny space a luxury feel, and proves especially great for the ski season.

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