Click to See Why this is One of Our Favorite Log Homes Ever Built

Click to See Why this is One of Our Favorite Log Homes Ever Built

When building a log cabin like this Pioneer Log Cabin 10, there are many factors that come into play to get the log cabin of your dreams. It's all in the details does take on new meaning, when it comes to building your log home. You might think that all log cabins are created equally, and that isn't the case. Building a log cabin takes plenty of research, craftsmanship, and factors that will ensure you log home or log cabin lasts a lifetime.

Log cabins and log homes are the types of home that many people dream of one day owning. Log homes and log cabins have been around for centuries, and will continue to be popular because of their beautiful look, and long lasting qualities. You will find log cabins all over the world. But they are especially popular in areas where the coniferous trees that provide the logs for the build are abundant. You will find a lot of log homes in the northern countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic States and Russia, along with Canada. We know that log homes and log cabins are both a durable and long lasting home to live in because they have stood the test of time. The combination of natural materials and the locations that they sit continue to make them a popular choice.

You will find log homes and log cabins built in a variety of different styles from sawn logs, which use logs that are all cut to a certain width. Then there are milled log homes, which manufacture logs to all have the same size and appearance. Then you have handcrafted logs, which log that look close to the same of they did when they were trees, except for the bark being peeled off. You will find the log homes, and log cabins that are built by Pioneer Log Homes using logs that have been handcrafted, giving each of the log homes and log cabins that they make have a certain characteristic charm and unique look to them. No two log homes are the same, because each of the logs has something a bit different in the way it looks.

The team at Pioneer Log Homes have built log homes all over the world, from Scotland, Austria, and across Canada and the United States. In 2013, Pioneer Log Homes worked on a project all the way in Kazakhstan. The team went to Almaty, Kazakhstan where they installed a 920-foot sauna. The sauna was a trial run until there next project (which is happening currently) for a 13,000 square foot luxury log home. They learned a lot on their first trip and had gone back a second time to do more. For the first Kazakhstan trip, they started construction of the sauna log build at their Williams Lake yard in the summer of 2013, and it took them three months to complete it. The sauna was packed up from Williams Lake for its long journey ahead. The logs for the sauna travelled by truck down to the coast, then by rail to Montreal, then by an ocean vessel to Lithuania and then by Russian railway and trucks to arrive at their destination Almaty, Kazakhstan. It took the logs two months to make their journey. Pioneer workers Joel and Shawn then caught up in Almaty, to help take the logs to their final destination to build. In Kazakhstan, Almaty is the largest city. The city is located in the southeast of the country in the foothills of the Ili Alatau Mountains. The sauna was built close to the city in a special location chosen by the client for its stunning surroundings and peaceful environment.

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