Click for Floorplans on the Lugarde $16,000 Little Log Cabin

Click for Floorplans on the Lugarde $16,000 Little Log Cabin

What a great deal for this Lugarde Sicily Log Cabin 5.0m x 8.0m from Simply Log Cabins. The Lugarde Sicily Log Cabin is one of the wonderful log home building kits from the United Kingdom company, Simply Log Cabins. The cost of the basic cabin plan which included everything needed to build the shell of the cabin, is only 10,446.45. We all know how much Log Cabins can cost after all, right? The Lugarde Cabin is one of the larger cabins from the selection of log cabin kits on their website, and comes with enough room to make it a family cottage at the lake or in the forest, or maybe on the sea. This lovely cabin has two rooms in total, including the sheltered patio that extends across a portion of the front of the house and to the side of the house. The patio can feel like an outdoor room that one could put furniture out on and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own space.

Cabin kits like this are wonderful for backyard purposes as well. Whether you need an extra room for a studio space, or a home office, maybe perhaps a guest suite or a rental property. People tend to build these for all sorts of reasons. The kits come with the logs needed to assemble the floors, the walls and the roof, and it comes with a door and a few windows. The veranda is even include in this particular kit. For the most part, the customer is usually able to build the cabin themselves with the help of one or two other people. The manual has all of the instructions to fit all of the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. It is kind of like the IKEA version of housing in a way!

The options with this log home kit are to opt for a thicker wall, the starting price is for 44mm thick, and the upgrade would be for 68mm thick, costing 12,336.45 which is a little more than 2000 pounds more. It really depends on the personal preferences of the client, if they will be in a very cold climate and such. The other item that customers can choose to change is the shingles for the roof. They offer the felt shingles in a variety of colours from blue, green, black, red and brown, which doesn't cost anything extra, and may make a nice colour difference for the home. Might be fun to have a pop of colour on the house!

Log cabin kits and home building kits in general have been sold since the early 1900s. They became even more popular at the end of the Second World War, when people were just recovering from the economic depression and wanted to live in a house of their own with their family and start over new again. Companies that we still have around these days, like Sears, was one of the biggest sellers of these prefabricated homes and they sold them straight from their magazine to people's land. People absolutely loved the results, and they took almost no time to build, rather than waiting years to get a project built. And we are continuing to see this today, that people want homes or cabins like this, so the prefab market is just as strong as ever. Simply Log Cabins ships all over the United Kingdom and beyond, but they do not charge for shipping in the UK and they do charge everywhere else. The company also offers building kits for children's play sets, for the back yard, or gazebos for a little added shelter in the back yard. They also have kits for carports and car shelters that are really stylish looking and fit in nicely with any home.

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