Classic Log Home with Front Porch Only $50k Don't Miss!

Classic Log Home with Front Porch Only $50k Don't Miss!

Many people are returning to their roots, going back to simpler living, and making their way back to nature. Check out this Classic Log Home with Front Porch Only $50,800 MUST SEE Floor Plans! This smaller, yet lovely log cabin called the Weekender, comes to us from Wood Tex Products, a distributor of pre fabricated log home and cabin kits that will suit any person's needs and desires in a home. Wood Tex Products has many different homes to choose from including this fine log home with a cute front porch. On their website, you can see photos, plans and the specifications for each log kit and ask for an estimate at how much it may cost for you to build or have one built for you.

The Weekender is a beautiful home that really allows you to get back to nature. The home is a 410 square feet in total, and is spread out over one floor. There is one bedroom and 1 bathrooms in the home, and of course they are all on the same floor, along with the nicely spaced out kitchen, dining room and living room in a shared space. This cabin is comparable to a smaller sized one bedroom apartment, so would be enough room for a single person or even a couple. This would make a great little weekend getaway cabin, hence the name they gave it, The Weekender. You don't need too much space for a recreational property, or if you really want to downsize and have a home that is smaller than what you currently live in. Many people who retire tend to do this as they age. Less house to take care of and that leaves more money for enjoying other things, like traveling.

The home also has a nice little porch on the front, which would be great to sit out on and relax. There are not too many windows, but with this house, it seems to work and it seems like more than enough light would be able to get in, since there is at least one window in every room, and on every side of the house. This home looks picturesque in the photo featured with the listing for the log home kit. It's in its element tucked in with all of the beautiful trees in the forest the surrounds it. This would be such a wonderful place to wake up every morning to the sounds of nature.

Living in a log home gives you the true sense that you are connected to nature. A lot more so than you would living in the city surrounded by all of the noise and chaos. In a house make up of man made materials, usually treated with chemicals. Wood is ultimately a better building material for the homes we live in and it carries so many benefits with it. The logs can act as a natural air purifier, helping to cleanse the air before it enters your home. Cleaning out some of the toxic chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis that are floating around in the air. Log homes are becoming more desirable and there are so many wonderful reasons to invest in one.

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