Chocolate Marshmallow Molten Lava Cakes

Chocolate Marshmallow Molten Lava Cakes

I don't know what it is with me and chocolate, but I love, absolutely love the stuff and these chocolate marshmallow molten lava cakes have my mouth watering and my tummy growling with want. Soft moist chocolatey cake, a sweet sticky stream of chocolate fudge and oozing melted marshmallow, it's a mountain of ooey gooey goodness! Made in a muffin pan of 6, I bet it will be hard to restrain yourself from indulging in more than one! These chocolate marshmallow molten lava cakes aren't the only recipes dripping and sticky with delicious irresistible chocolate at 'Cafe Delights'.

'Cafe Delights' offers a wide variety of cafe style recipes that are simple and easy to make. There is everything from incredible main dishes bursting with color and flavor to breakfast recipes for those with an incurable sweet tooth. You will find muffins, smoothie, shakes, cheesecakes, savory breakfasts and incredible desserts. Cancer survivor Carina Carrel of Melbourne Australia, loves to cook and share her incredible recipes with you. A proud member of Weight Watchers, Carina's recipes are lower calorie and weight watcher friendly and incredibly tasty, because as Carina says, "dieting shouldn't be boring."

In 2000, Weight Watcher's had over 25 million members in 29 countries. Founder of Weight Watcher's, Jean Nidetch understood that it is extremely helpful to have a good core group of people we meet with to share our burdens and our struggles. She began to share her own battle with weight loss, with a group of 6 friends who meet weekly in her home. That group soon grew as people were inspired by Nidetch's example and story. Since it began back in the early 1960's Weight Watcher's has updated their diet plan from the original diet plan and has also included an exercise program. It is a wonderful and successful organization that has helped millions meet their weight loss goals and keep the lost pounds off. For those of you who are part of Weight Watcher's, Carina's chocolate marshmallow molten lava cakes are 7points.

Did you know that the fear of marshmallows is called Althaiophobia!? Ancient Egyptians made a confectionery treat made from the mallow plant, that was given to their gods, nobility and Pharaohs. Ordinary folk and children were forbidden to partake of it. In the 15th - 16th century mallow liquids were used by Greeks and Romans to treat toothaches, coughs and sore throats. In 1880 the French began to develop the properties of the mallow plant for it's confectionery purposes rather than medicinal. Boy are we thankful for that! This virtually fat free molten ingredient is absolutely exquisite in the amazing chocolate marshmallow molten lava cakes and can be enjoyed by all. Nobles, children and ordinary folk alike. For the complete recipe, visit, 'Cafe Delites'.

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