Cheesy Bacon Alfredo Shells

Cheesy Bacon Alfredo Shells

I love cheese. I love bacon. I love pasta. So when I came across this recipe for Cheesy Bacon Alfredo Shells, I fell instantly in love with the recipe that makes up this tasty dish!

Lets take a minute to talk about Alfredo sauce. Named after the restaurant in Rome (Alfredo Di Lelio I), where it was created by Alfredo Di Lelio way back in 1908, this sauce is made from butter and Parmesan cheese (as well as a little flour and milk or half and half cream). As the beautiful cheese melts, it emulsifies the liquids, forming a smooth, rich coating (especially for pasta). If you dont like convenience foods, you can follow the simple recipe instructions for making your own sauce; however, to speed up an already quick and easy recipe, this sauce can be purchased in most grocery stores (it might include thickening agents such as eggs and/or starch, as well as sour cream for a slightly sharper taste). There are many types of Alfredo sauce, so you can really have fun with this dish.

As far as bacon goes, there are so many choices and all of them are delicious! Bacon is, of course, prepared from several different cuts of meat. Usually made from side and back pork cuts, bacon in the United States and Canada is almost always prepared from pork belly (which is referred to as streaky or fatty bacon elsewhere, but tastes so, so good). Bacon is one of those foods you just cant do wrong. It can be eaten smoked boiled, fried, baked, grilled and even burnt (it just gets crispier!).

Again, if you want to make this pasta recipe an even quicker dish, you can just heat up some pre-cooked bacon. It has a similarly wonderful taste with almost no work (and no bacon grease spitting at you while it sizzles away in the pan).

Pasta is often a wonderful and much sought-after comfort food, and lets face it: you dont get much more comfort from a recipe than these Cheesy Bacon Alfredo Shells. The total time for this dish is roughly 30 minutes (and you can skim off quite a few minutes by using my suggested substitutions or shortcuts), so if youre someone who is constantly on-the-go, this is the perfect dish for you!

I found this wonderful recipe over at the Le Crme de la Crumb website. Isnt that the greatest name for a food blog? The blog was created by Tiffany, and so was this awesome recipe! Tiffany really loves to cook, try out new ideas, and post her delicious results here. She started her blog in 2013 and hasnt looked back since. She is particularly fond of white chocolate, so in addition to great recipes like Cheesy Bacon Alfredo Shells, you can also find some pretty amazing dessert recipes here too.

For the full ingredients list as well as the easy cooking instructions for Cheesy Bacon Alfredo Shells, please visit the Le Crme de la Crumb website!

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