Check out this Winter Wonderland for Only $68,608 (The Larkspur)

Check out this Winter Wonderland for Only $68,608 (The Larkspur)

** I am actually using the info off of the eloghomes "about us" link as there are around 47 different log home photos in the queue to be written about (so you will see all the info from their site regurgitated many more ways). I am moving through the whole website and copying what the company wrote. I will include more about the log home but you are aware they are selling blueprints and not a home? I am talking about the blueprints/home/what wood to build or use/old ways vs new ways/ease of construction etc. I will continue to vary but keep in mind there are 28 more stories to come all on these elog homes so each 4-5 photos will have a "topic" :) **

Do you love skiing and getting away from it all in a nice chalet or log home in the mountains? Check out this Winter Wonderland for Only $68,608 (The Larkspur)! Who doesn't want a cozy Wintertime retreat in the mountains? This wonderful 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom chalet is nestled in the mountains and boasts amazing views. If you ever though about owning a log home this one is a beauty! But if you are not buying a log home, you can at least build your own dream log home. At eLog Homes It is so easy to make this dream a reality with the new advances in technology in the log home kit business. When you first order your dream home, you can custom make everything, from the floors to the roof and shingles! All the different logs are dried the slow, natural drying process and not via artificially "kiln-dried" (which can lead to logs being brittle and harder to work with). You get to choose the types of wood you want to build with and when you are familiarizing your self with the types you should keep some things in mind:

1) Small trees leads to having more in-line joints.

2) Some species have 'soft knots' (that turn soft, shrink, and fall out), which leads to leaking and repairs.

3) Dense, heavy wood is hard to work with (compared to most softwoods).

4) Some woods have strong odors.

5) Heavy dense wood, that doesn't really dry out can form an environment where molds can grow.

6) Wet wood is known to twist and warp causing 'gaps' and loss of wood-to-wood contact in between the logs.

Pine still seems to be the species that stands out in building amazing log homes that last for future generations to come.

Pine also has a nice odor and doesn't have flaws like shrinking knots. Popularity still seems to rise for these quickly built, sturdy mountain retreats. The log homes are versatile and bring the nature "indoors" and can be perfect beside a lake or a ski chalet! he best part about this easy to assemble and quick to build technology for log home kits means you could be in your new home in a matter of weeks versus traditionally taking month and months!

If you like what you read about this lifestyle, and think it may be good for you, feel free to visit the website eLogHomes via the link below! A charming lakeside retreat or even a Winter Wonderland chalet, all could be yours for only $68,608! Check it out and maybe you can own your next dream home sooner than you thought!

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