CHEAP 1300 SQFT Log Cabin Kit

CHEAP 1300 SQFT Log Cabin Kit

Now everybody can avail this affordable log cabin home kit with measurement of 1308sq ft. (36’ x 24’) including loft and porch for only US $17,000.00. The company can offer more advantageous and better pricing than others because they do their own logging and milling. In effect there’s no need for a middleman. Most people now-a-days are aware of any effect on the environment if somebody manufactures with a chemical process product but with this eco friendly company, log materials that made from standing dead timber, create no harm on environment.

A family oriented environment is what the company offers to their clients. A before and after sales services is a 'must' and people are looking for a company that will provide this kind of business. Here you will find it. The kit includes a complete set of plan that can help client with their easy method of installation. If you are in need of assistance on assembly even during plan layout, the company is very happy to assist,and only a call away. The company will also provide an expertise to their clients on where to place electrical and plumbing lines safely. Sizes and measurement of logs are included in the kit. With this unique design and value engineered log cabin home, any customer will surely love it and will be proud to show to their relatives and friends. You get the value you deserve from your hard earned money. This cost effective product with the knowledge and support that is included will help minimize things that can go wrong. The company providing these shells are based in Utah. Because the logs have low moisture levels this is one of the best products you can use as you will not have to deal with selling issues.

Contact the manufacturer now directly. Have your dream log cabin home today!

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