Campfire Log Home for $59,118. Awesome Patio Area!

Campfire Log Home for $59,118. Awesome Patio Area!

There is something timeless about sitting around a campfire, and then returning to a charming log home not far off. Now you can have your own special campfire log home for just $59,118.

The first thing you will notice is the amazing porch area. Its absolutely massive, and blends in with the outdoors. Perfect for an outdoors brunch or just relaxing in the cool evenings. Entering the beautiful house from the porch, you will be lead to the great room, which is openly connected to a massive kitchen. The great room, the hub of the home, is connected to the den, both the bedroom and master bedroom, and the shared bathroom. The master bedroom is equipped with a large master bathroom, and a double walk-in closet of the same size. This is a very comfortable and cozy floor plan, and though not massive, the open design with the great room at the center gives off a very spacious feeling. Moreover, the floor plan allows you to enter and exit the log home from both the porch and the great room, giving the feeling that the home is accepting of the great outdoors. The multiple large windows further strengthens the connectedness the home shares with its surroundings. The one-floor log house is not elevated, so there are no stairs - you literally walk out of the house are you are surrounded by large trees and the refreshing wilderness.

The name and location of this beautiful home suggests that you should set a campfire nearby. Did you know that the first campfire was built by proto-human beings in Swartkrans, South Africa, around 1.5 million years ago. They used antelope bones back then - we have much alternatives today! (Though of course you can also live the good old times with those bones - just be sure to remember safety first!) There are three common material used today: tinder, kindling, and fuel. Good tinder materials consists in birch bark, cedar bark, and fatwood. If you cant find those, then settle for dead leaves and grasses. Anything larger than tinder but smaller than fuelwood are classified as kindling. Finally, fuel are simply different types of timber. Make sure to choose an adequate site out in the open to minimize risk of forest fire, and to have plenty of water nearby. Once you get the fire going, bring a guitar, some marshmellows, and let the fun times begin! Just remember to fully extinguish the fire before you go back to your cozy log home.

For complete details and floor plans of this log house, visit eLog Homes website link below.

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