Camper Log Cabin 10x14 for Only $6000

Camper Log Cabin 10x14 for Only $6000

It's small. It's tiny. This 10x14 camper log cabin starting at $6,091 is the the perfect guest house or tiny home. With clever storage and creativity a 140 sq. foot space can easily be transformed into a long term residence. Many in the tiny house movement are sharing their incredible stories of how they have done just that. Chris Tack and his wife Melissa made the move to a tiny house of 140 sq feet after they realized how many thousands of dollars they spent renting. Designer Vina Lustado has also made the switch. She has a one bedroom, one bathroom, plus small living space, work desk and kitchen in her 140 square feet. Living is such a small space can be tough and certainly has it challenges, but then so does living in a large space. What if living in a 140 square feet is not for you?

The 10x14 cabin also makes a wonderful workshop, office, studio, guest cabin, pool house, home gym and more. Flooded with natural light from it's many windows, the space is bright and cheery. Open wide the double wooden plexiglass doors and increase your living space to include the great outdoors. These portable log cabins, designed for recreational use, from 'Wayside Lawn Structures', start at 10x14 and are available in varying sizes up to 12x32. Each comes with a 30 year shingle or steel roof. As the areas leading supplier in outdoor structures and accents, 'Wayside Lawn Structures' offers an incredible array of gazebos, play sets, storage buildings, log cabins and more. The incredible staff at 'Wayside Lawn Structures' offer helpful, friendly advice, on time delivery, set up and exceptional products.

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