Caution: Looking at This House Can Cause Addiction

Caution: Looking at This House Can Cause Addiction

Magical looking log homes in gorgeous settings that is exactly what the log homes from Log Cabin Homes are all about. The log home featured in this article is one of the many remarkable log homes from Log Cabin Homes. When you see more photos of the homes this company has built, you will be amazed. This particular log home is quite different than any log home we typically see. It has a very whimsical feel to it that is quite noteworthy. To me, it resembles some of the Earthship homes I have seen that remind me of European cottages in the country, as one might see in a hobbit village or something along those lines. The exceptional design with the curved lines and rounded entryways and rooms gives this log home a look that we don't see very often in traditional log home building.

This design could be quite tricky to pull off in the building process. The logs that make up the log home are naturally straight, making rounded features a little bit tedious I would imagine. But the design team from Log Cabin Homes has pulled it off brilliantly, providing a very unique and spectacular look for a log home. It seems the way they create the round room, is to set up the corner posts in a hexagonal form, and then connect and stack the horizontal logs in between the vertical corner posts, adding windows in throughout. The roof to the rounded room in the log home seems to be similar to the way the walls were built with a mixture of vertical log posts and smaller horizontal logs. It gives the home a very beautiful look overall and is inspiring for those planning to build their own log home or cabin to see.

The log home is a mix of using logs as well as brick and stone, which makes a beautiful, and natural home. Logs are one of the best building materials because of the fact that they are a natural, renewable resource that is very sustainable. Not only are logs a very environmentally friendly choice to make, but they are also a very health conscious choice to make. Logs are very beneficial for creating a safe and healthy living environment because they are natural, and they have no chemicals that will off-gas within the home creating an unhealthy air quality. Logs actually help to filter unhealthy toxins out of the air within a log home because of their natural cleansing abilities. Studies are also showing that humans get the direct positive benefits of being in nature by living in a log home. The logs are instrumental in lowering blood pressure and stress levels in humans, much like relaxing in a forest would.

Log Cabin Homes website has so many amazing log homes and cabin plans and models to choose from at a variety of prices and styles. Their customers can choose whether they would like pine, cypress or cedar wood as the building material for their log home. All of these woods are incredibly durable and long lasting as well as very easy to work with in the log home building process. The company also offers price guarantees against their competitors at 15% that is a great offer. Log Cabin Homes also offers log home financing that can be of value when building a log home, because as you may be aware of, log homes can be very pricey. Murray Arnott is one of the incredible designers who's log home designs are used for Log Cabin Homes. He actually designed the one you see here! Check out more photos and amazing plans on their website!

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