Carved Log Coffee Table

Carved Log Coffee Table

How lovely it would be to start your morning with a cup of coffee on a coffee log table! Would you like to have it? I can help! This log coffee table isn't just the ordinary coffee table. It has been carved then hand painted. For wildlife animal lovers out there, this is your kind of coffee table. Do you want to have one? If yes, let me ask a follow-up question: Do you have time to talk about the creator of this wonderfully made carved log coffee table? If that is another yes again, you may sit back and relax while you wait to order your new and unique coffee table.

You must give your thanks to Woodland Creek Furniture. They are the key to all these awesome log coffee tables! The Woodland Creek Furniture has been making these genius ideas since the time the founder has visited the exotic woods. Meet Robert Evina, the founder of Woodland Creek Furniture and the father of this log coffee table. Most of us find summer love during summer time. But Evina found a different kind of love. In the summer of 1997, Evina has traveled to the remote villages in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Hungary. With those travels, he finds beautiful exotic woods and immediately thinks about how these exotic woods would make such wonderful log furniture. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the where the story of Woodland Creek Furniture has begun. Thanks to summer, Evinas travels and the exotic woods!

Lets talk about the coffee log table. It is both handmade in America from carving to painting and is incredibly incredible! In the photo, you can see a deer painted on it. If you prefer animals like a duck, doe, squirrel, chipmunk, elk, moose, raccoon and many others, you may contact them, and everything will be under Woodland Creek Furnitures control. Small or large coffee table; whatever you desire, the company will give you. Also, as stated in the website, this is a solid wood piece of furniture. Right, no veneers.

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