Can You See It? Something Awesome is Hidden in this Photo

Can You See It? Something Awesome is Hidden in this Photo

Peeking out at us is the face on the tree in the foreground of this image. These tree faces have become popular in the past few years and can often be obtained in garden centers. A fun addition to any yard. Did you realize that there is a basic optical illusion when you look at land. Often we look at a slope with the unaided eye and think the slope is much more gradual than it really is. In fact, the ground actually falls away at a much steeper rate than the human eye can easily see. What we think is level can actually be sloping down more steeply than our eyes can preceive! Conversely, looking uphill, what our eyes tell is actually more uphill than we think so when you begin walking up the hill it is not always as difficult as you expect. Using a level is an important tool when you are making your foundation and building your house. Another important tool when you are looking at a prospective building site is a compass. When you are making the decision where to place your house, a compass will help you keep oriented and also help in the determination of the ideal direction you want your house to face. Where the sun rises and sets will be an important factor in your day to day living. Another important thing in placement is just how deeply you want to be surrounded by trees. Being settled right in a forested area will provide shade and protection from wind and heat if you are in a very hot climate. It will also make for higher risk in case of any natural fire disaster. If you place you home by a creek, you will get to experience the beautiful serene sounds from the moving water and all the wonderful life that comes from being near a water body. So the tree hidden at the front is obvious, but what else may be hidden in the natural environment that is not so obvious?

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