Can You Imagine Life in a Tiny Cave Home?

Can You Imagine Life in a Tiny Cave Home?

If you are a big fan of ‘The Hobbit’, you should not miss this tiny cave home. Well, I will repeat the question-title: can you imagine life in a tiny cave home? Would you live in this tiny cave house? “I can imagine a Hobbit-like life in this little dwelling, so yes. I will irrevocably live in this tiny cave home.” *silence* Oh yes! So I see you are a Hobbit fan. *winks* Anyway, I will provide you everything about this tiny cave home, and later, I have news to tell. “Is it good or bad news?” Good and bad. For the meantime, I will give you details about this lovely tiny cave home. *winks*

This cave house, which is known as ‘The Rock Cottage’ is located in Wolverly, Worcestershire in England. It is an embedded sandstone cliff. Let me ask you: how old is the house? “150 years old?”Alright, let’s see. According to Erick Token in the Nster website, the house is said to be built in the 1770’s. So, it is much older than you think. The house has no electric supply and running water. *silence* Can we consider this house an off grid? Yes, it could be. Anyway, even if it has no power supply for its residents, Token says, “It is the perfect place to really get in touch with the nature.” So, no electricity? No problem, I got Mother Nature to entertain and soothe me! *winks* However, the ‘no water supply’ is not so cool though. We NEED water, ladies and gents. That is one of man’s basic needs to live. Well, the house has a film-like front door and windows. It also has a pantry, a sitting room, and one bedroom. There’s only a meager amount of information regarding its history, and the house is last lived in the late1940’s, according to Cave Homes’ website.

“So, tell me your news!” Well, we SHOULD start with the good one. Good news: the house is for auction sale! “That is the greatest news ever! My Hobbit-like life fantasy will finally come true! “Oh, you need to hear the bad news too. “What is it?” The house is already SOLD. *thunder claps* In July 2007, the house is for auction sale. It is sold to a Lincolnshire artist for Ł30,000. *silence* Well, let us just hope and wait until the new owner will sell it.

Would you like to take a closer look of this tiny cave home? Just click Tiny House Living’s website below. Enjoy! *winks*

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