Can a Family Log House Be Sleeker than This? (Wait till You See the Floor Plan!)

Can a Family Log House Be Sleeker than This? (Wait till You See the Floor Plan!)

Live in luxury and style in the Paris log home model from Kontio Log Houses. This is a beautiful and stylish log home plan and kit that will bring a lifetime of fulfillment and leave a legacy behind. Choosing a plan for a log home is actually one of the most crucial aspects of building a log home. Having a look at log home plans like this Paris log home model can help to give one a better idea of what they want and don't want in their own log home floor plan and design. Log home plans and kits are a fabulous option for people to be able to purchase the plans and the supplies for their house all from one company. Companies like Kontio Log Houses, have revolutionized the way that log homes are sold and constructed. Since the internet came onto the scene, we have seen a high number of companies like Kontio Log Houses, expanding their demographic nationally as well as internationally. With the click of a button, people can order log home floor plans, obtain information on log homes, customize their own log home floor plan and design, and order the log home kit right to their property to build.

As you will see, the Kontio Log Houses website has many homes to offer to their customers and prospective customers. The Paris log home floor plan featured here, definitely has a lot of potential to be a warm and cozy home for anyone who chooses to build it. The log home stays within the lines of a traditional log home, but, it also leans toward a more modern look as well. For this model in the drawing, it seems square shaped logs were chosen to showcase the home. The square logs will still hold all of the amazing properties of a round log, like the incomparable thermal mass, and the ability to keep the air within the log home purified and chemical free. The square shaped logs are formed from the part of the log called the heartwood. The heartwood is the strongest and most solid part of the log, which is why builders most often will use this portion. The floor plan is 1010 square feet of space with six bedrooms and two bathrooms over two stories. Two of the six bedrooms are located on the main floor of the log home, with the kitchen, dining room and living room, with a fireplace at the heart of the home. The other four bedrooms and one bathroom are located on the top floor of the home, with an additional seating area.

The Paris model log home does not feature a deck or patio space, but one could be implemented if the customer wanted it. The windows are quite small in this design in proportion to the large size of the house. With some larger windows on the sides of the home, this house would look even more beautiful. On the Kontio Log Houses website, you will find additional details for the Paris log home plan. There is even a video featured on their website that shows exactly how the company processes the logs that are used in their log home building kits, and all that happens in their yard and warehouse. It just shows us how much effort and skill goes into the entire log home building process. Which sometimes people don't think of when they see a large log home like this one. Log homes do take a very high level of proficiency and talent to design, manufacture and build. It is a truly amazing process that people have been practicing for centuries and the log home industry just seems to keep expanding as well!

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