Building a Barn Greenhouse

Building a Barn Greenhouse

Having your own greenhouse is a dream for many gardeners and the ability to harvest some of your own food items year round is very appealing. Building a really efficient greenhouse may be something you will need to budget for but if you really want to have your little greenhouse, here is a way to make a barn style greenhouse.

This barn style greenhouse is not the least expensive way to go, but you can be sure that it will last long. Having a greenhouse means that you have a micro-climate which you can control. In this way, you can manage the humidity and temperature inside the greenhouse. You will also need to find ways of pest control and to protect the plants from the adverse effects of weather conditions when using a greenhouse. This greenhouse features a metal lower wall which serves as a protection from animals that love to nibble on your greens.

For the side panels of the barn, you can use roofing tins. Roofing tins are not costly plus installation is easy. Compared to plywood, roofing tins will last longer. You can use ribbing strips for the greenhouse panels, although they are not really that necessary. As for the design of the greenhouse, you may consider the barn style roof design or gambrel. It has more headroom inside while accommodating lots of room up top for the greenhouse panels.

Basically, to be able to construct this greenhouse, you need 2x4's, corrugated plastic greenhouse panels for the door side, long tin panels for the front, ides and back, tin screws, ribbing strips, L flashing (optional), metal gussets for the trusses, wood glue, measuring tape, square, pencil, hammer, safety glasses, hearing protection, drill, circular saw, miter saw, and drill bit.

Although building your greenhouse is a bit of a larger project, the satisfaction at the end of the day will surely bring smile on your face.

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