Build Yourself A Portable Home- A Mongolian Yurt

Build Yourself A Portable Home- A Mongolian Yurt

With so many unique tiny houses and small homes to choose from, its difficult to choose just one design, with hand built cob cottages, strawbale homes, prefab tiny houses, shipping container homes, and modular homes to name a few. This "Build Yourself A Portable Home- A Mongolian Yurt," is a great example of what you can do with a little patience and ingenuity.

I've always been inspired by nomadic tribes, and their lifestyle of just packing up and moving from place to place. To only have the necessities in life and to move with the seasons, seems a romantic notion and inspiring life. The Mongolian yurts definitely signify that lifestyle, there is something beautiful and simple about their design, and the ease at which they build them, so I couldn't help but feel curious at the following your/gher construction 101 tutorial. The person who is giving the tutorial just researched the information online and has gone on to build three yurts for himself and friends, which they use to go camping in a few times a year.

The yurt is a great idea for people who like to be outdoors, but don't like crawling around in a small tent, and prefer something a bit more luxurious. In this yurt tent you can sleep two people in a full sized queen bed, there is space to change up clothes, and a lockable box for belonging, or you can even add a lock to the door. You can even comfortably fit 15-20 people in the space sitting on cushions and lounging on the bed, and on rugs on the floor, that definitely sounds nice. You'll want to look at the site for lots of step by step photos of the yurt building process.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Instructables," website.

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