Build your own Wood Cabin Cheap!

Build your own Wood Cabin Cheap!

If you are in search for an idyllic summer house, family guest house, home office or even a standalone retail building, Allwood Cabin Bella is the perfect one for you. With Solid T&G Nordic Spruce double grooved pattern materials, this wood cabin with a Scandinavian fashion also comes with a purposeful floor plan that is 323 Square foot. Its downstairs is 237 square foot plus it comes with an 86 square foot loft. No need to worry about the interior finishing as well, because Allwood Cabin Bella has a covered terrace; pre hung glazed doors and windows and pre assembled gables. Also, with thicker than the usual walls, Allwood Cabin Bella is very well-matched for cold climates, gives you the right kind of warmth that is well suited for a home. Adding up to make it better, not only does it perfectly give warmth, its model is also energy efficient and its large roof area is ideal for solar panels. Imagine having a place that is not only stylish but saves energy as well! Alluring, right? What makes it even better is that you dont have to be a master builder to put it together because it comes with a step-by-step, easy to follow instructions along with a kit. The kit consists of all nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock. You can just do it yourself with the use of only minimal tools. In just about 16 hours and with two adults at work, you can have this ideal wood cabin and utilize it as you wish. Just remember, we recommend you add insulation for a year round use. Although, floor and roof insulation will be enough in most climate areas. If you lack the time or manpower to put it together, worry not because we can set it up for you. For Free Estimate, dont hesitate to contact us.

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