Build Your Own Natural Swimming Hole

Build Your Own Natural Swimming Hole

Swimming is one of the perfect pleasures we can get during summer. Most of us, we either schedule long trips just to have fun under the heat of the sun. Some prefer to go to beach while others prefer to go to swimming pools. Ideally, building a swimming pool will cost you a lot of money and expenses are intolerable at times. But in recent years, there are few builders who have learned and discovered on how to build pools that looks likely a swimming pool but is blended nicely with the landscape of your home. With natural pools, adds Mick Hilleary of Total Habitat in Bonner Springs, Kan., folks tend to add extensive landscaping to complement the natural look.

In building a natural pool, it can only cost you $2,000 while the conventional pool cost you ten and thousands of dollars more, excluding the maintenance each week/month. When you build a natural swimming pool, you only need low maintenance practice. Unlike the conventional pool, natural swimming pool doesn't need to be drain and you will only fill it with water once. Aside from that its chemical free, no chlorine. The water is clean and is filtered naturally, therefore no need for electricity for the filtering system.

So the first step to achieve a natural pool is to simply dig a hollow hole in your desired area. You can either make it deep as you wanted but make sure the sides slope and you must consider the ratio of 1 foot vertical drop for every 3 horizontal feet. It may look like a bathtub effect but more closely a soup bowl. There are a wide range of articles found on-line to get some ideas on how to create and design your own natural swimming pool. Either way, it is still up to you to decide whether to do the natural or conventional way. Be creative!

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