Build Your Own Log Cabin for under $15,000

Build Your Own Log Cabin for under $15,000

How would one build a cabin for $15,000? This is a possibility if you have the resources at your disposal for the logs.

Yes, there are some people that do live on acres of land, land that has trees large enough and plentiful enough that could be chopped down and used to make a log house shell.

It was done 30 years ago by Bill and Barb Castle. They had 30 acres of land. Their project took them three summers to accomplish, but the family did manage to build a 20x30 foot log cabin.

They did it the way people did things 'back in the day'. The foundation and well were dug by hand. They fell and dragged the logs out of the woods using an old tractor. The logs were peeled by hand with a drawknife. The log house was built, one log and one row at a time, just as log homes are built these days.

They did have a homemade crane that they were able to use to lift the log rounds on as they went.

They did need to purchase the mortar, hardware required and the roofing materials. The log house itself utilized materials that came from their land.

So if you can you imagine yourself doing this much work to build your own place, then yes, you could still build a log home for a smaller investment than having one built for you or having to buy the logs needed. What was once common for daily life has very much changed. Granted the home was rustic, but it did become their home. This also became a way of life for this family as they worked with their children to create something.

Please visit the 'Mother Earth News' website below to read moe about not only this inspirational story, but some ideas on building methods that Castle shares about other building ideas.

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