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Build a Log Cabin Without Spending a Fortune

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We all love stories where someone's dream comes true. It feels good to see people happy and it also inspires us to believe in our own dreams and their potential. Like, our builder in this story, many of us have a dream of own our own home one day, and even perhaps building our own home. There is something empowering about becoming self reliant and capable, and owning a home make ones feel this way. Building a home takes this to an entirely new level.

If you also dream of building your own cabin, in this story, you may be inspired to start keeping your eyes open to good deals on equipment and tools. It also might encourage you to start browsing books on building or how to use specific tools. Such a huge part of building your own cabin is in the planning phase, so keep in mind that if you do not have the finances, the land or the skill to build just yet, use this time for learning and for planning your dream.

As you will read, there are some larger tools that will be needed in order to get this building started, and perhaps you might find it easier to rent than to buy a sawmill. Often times you can go down to your local sawmill and spend a bit of money to have them do the work for you.

For more on this interesting and inspiring story, check out the link to the 'Mother Earth News' website linked below.

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