Build a Cottage That Will Make Your Friend Jealous for Just $53,600

Build a Cottage That Will Make Your Friend Jealous for Just $53,600

The Sycamore log home plan is the perfect size of log home if you are just starting our, or you are downsizing to a log home that is a bit more manageable. There is an open concept kitchen/dining/living area that has beautiful cathedral ceilings, which make it a great place for family gatherings and get-to-gethers. There are a bedroom and full bathroom in the downstairs and another bedroom with a closet space upstairs. Outside is a nice sized deck to relax on at the end of the day. There are different options to choose from a logs only log home package, to a log home shell package. Depending on the size of log that you want there are complete log home packages for this log home plan that start at $53,600. This log home is 1,008 square feet, and has one bathroom, and two bedrooms.

Coventry Log Homes have been in the log home business for over twenty years. They have over 60 models of log home plans in five separate categories to include the Craftsman, the Tradesman log home plan, the Cabin log home plan and the Recreational Camp Series along with additions and garages. The Coventry mill produces three log home package options from the log wall, the log home shell, and the complete log home package. The Coventry Somersworth model log home was built on the Coventry mill lot in 1999 to showcase Coventry log homes to the public. By 2004, an addition to the log home model was designed to allow for the expansion of office personnel while maintaining the original integrity of the Somersworth floor plan. By then the sales team was doubled to four. The following year the Coventry log yard was expanded when the next business became available for sale. This log home business has grown over the year because of their reputation and the passion for what they do. Coventry Log Homes have a quality log home building reputation, built with years of experience and knowledge that will help you realize your log home dreams.

When it comes to selecting a log home plan that will work best for your lifestyle and needs, you want to be sure and do your research, and find a log home builder that shares your vision while still providing a quality log home build. You want your log home to last a lifetime, in a style and design that works best for you and your family, a place where you can make treasured memories to last a lifetime. There is always room in log home floor plans to make them work best for you, with your budget and needs.

Have you ever stayed in a log cabin or a log home? Log cabins and log homes look especially great when they are built in a location that is close to natural surroundings. Whether it be a lake, forest or mountainside. This is because they are built the natural material of wood, so they become somewhat of a natural reflection of the location they are in. There is nothing quite like a log home or log cabin that is built with logs that are harvested from the property that they sit; they become a natural reflection of that particular area and life. Log cabins and log homes have long been enjoyed by family's and friends around the world. Log homes and log cabins are the most comfortable places to stay while you enjoy nature and activities like hiking, walking and more. Log homes and log cabins are great homes that will continue to be used and designed to meet the needs of people from around the world.

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