Most of us are suckers for the word 'Buffalo'. When it comes to dining, what is it about this word that makes us swoon? It sure isn't related to eating actual buffalo!

For the history buffs and food nerds out there, you may be interested to know that the 'Buffalo wing' is a cuisine from the United States, and is traditionally deep fried, un-breaded and coated a vinegar based cayenne and butter hot sauce. The color is always a deep red, from the cayenne, and for most occasions, more sauce is better than less.

There are not shortage of recipes sites claiming to be using the 'original buffalo sauce' or their Grandma's secret buffalo sauce. The famous saying in Buffalo, is that 'If you know someone from Buffalo, they know someone who told them the secret ingredients to the Anchor Bar's famous buffalo sauce." Most of the time these secret recipes are passed along over several beers, so in the end, who can really be sure!

This recipe for a delicious Buffalo Chicken Pasta invites you to use your favorite buffalo sauce and shows you how to mix it in with some complimentary ingredients to create a casserole style dinner that your family and friends and all your other loved ones will be asking for next week too. So you better get used to making this one!

The secret in this recipe truly is in the sauce, because once you have chosen your favorite buffalo sauce you will mix it with a secret ingredient to add to the richness and deliciousness of this casserole meal.

To add some health perks to this dish, choose farm fresh organic chicken meat, and also opt for whole wheat pasta to add fiber to your meal, which should be found in ever meal for optimum health benefits.

Well enjoy! This recipe can be found at the 'My Fridge Food' website link below.

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