Brilliant Sustainable Tiny House

Brilliant Sustainable Tiny House

Eco-friendly houses are becoming a trend, but it is not surprising since it is only right that people patronize houses that will contribute towards the preservation of our planet. The world has been too industrialized, and it needs a breather from all the high-rise condominiums rising in the city. There is nothing much will change if you live in that kind of scene,but if you have an option and you are building your own home thinking eco-friendly is worthy of your consideration. Introducing the Soleta zeroEnergy houses owned by the Justin Capra Foundation for Inventions and Sustainable Technologies (FITS). This is located in Romania and if this does not inspire you to venture into eco-friendly houses, then we dont know what will.

This foundation aims to design houses without having to charge a huge amount of money to those who want their homes made by them. It will be financially wise to hire their services because these guys can deliver their work with excellence and satisfaction to their clients. This house that we are featuring from one of their projects is just a prototype, and as you can see, it already looks magnificent. The shape of this house is unique and is inspired by farmhouses and even plane hangars.

The FITS goal is to promote zero energy homes and instead of the usual source of electricity, they want their clients to resort to renewable energy. This will help both the client save on their money paying for energy-related bills yearly. The foundation has lots of modern technology techniques involved to make this possible, and it is encouraging how they are passionate about it to even inspire people to live the kind of living that they are promoting.

Check out more information about this house and more inspiring projects from FITS on 'Small House Bliss' website seen below.

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