Breezewood Log Cabin 10x10 Starting at $4,149

Breezewood Log Cabin 10x10 Starting at $4,149

Many people are returning to their roots, going back to simpler living, and making their way back to nature. This smaller Breezewood Log Cabin 10x10 Starting at $4,149, is an awesome little cabin from Wayside Lawn Structures, a distributor of log cabin and structure kits. They make playlets, gazebos, storage buildings, log cabins, yard decor and other things out of logs. Logs are a wonderful building material that have so many benefits, among other things, they are a very sturdy and durable material that can last decades, if they are taken care of properly.

The Breezewood, is a great little cabin for a small guest house, or a nice little studio or detached office space. The space is available in 10 feet by 10 feet, up to 12 feet by 24 feet and is one floor. There are no bedrooms and no bathrooms in the little shack so it would be best as a detached room of a house. Some people use these as camping shacks or hunting cabins, just a place to sleep while they are hunting or fishing. It would be nicer than a tent, you could put a little bed or cot in there, even a wood burning fire place, and you would be set to go!

If you wanted an extra bedroom on your property, you could also use this for a guest bedroom. It is important to check with your city bylaws for what you can use as a guest property. It would also make a lovely studio space for an artist or musician, or an office for someone who works at home and wants to still have their office separate from their home. Maybe even a massage studio or other healing room for a healing practitioner.

Log building is always going to be around as long as there are trees growing. The nice thing is, that the plantations that the logs come from are sustainable, so the trees are grown for this very purpose and never wasted. They only use as much as they need and then they plant more trees in their place. So log home building is a little bit more sustainable than building with conventional drywall or concrete. Logs are great for many purposes and they can be made into just about anything! Check out the Breesewood and other fine log home and cabins at 'Wayside Lawn Structures' website by following the link in the description below.

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