Big Sky

Big Sky

The 'Big Sky' log home plan is one of the many interesting designs available for you. Most log home companies will have a large list of plans from the 'Apex' to the 'Country Living'. Begin by determining what size of log home you would like to build and then ask your builder to provide you plans within that square footage. Sometimes too many options will feel overwhelming and it can be easy to get carried away and build bigger than needed.

Those who are new to the log home world will be amazed to learn that log homes are great insulators with the thick and heavy wood being capable of holding heat in. The walls hold the heat and during in the summer they stay cooler. It is important to remember that once the log home is built- it will just be the shell, meaning no kitchens, no bathrooms, no finishing. You will have to shop around in order to find the best options that work for you and your unique desires.

There is always also the question of log type. You will generally have 3-4 varieties to choose from and they will change the final cost and final look and colour of the house too. Expedition Log homes gives you an idea on how a big sky looks like. As you can see in their floor plan The first floor has a truly designed great room, dining areas a open gable and shed porch. The masters bedroom suite is larger compared to other homes making it more spacious for you. The second floor has loft spaces, a bathroom, balcony for relaxation, spacious bedrooms and a separate cabin for your nanny. Does this sound a perfect dream house for you? We sure to love the 'Big Sky' plan from the builder below and think that youll probably too! Grab it now and be astonished!

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