Best Selling 1450 Square Foot Timber Cabin Only $33,350 Spacious Interior Must See

Best Selling 1450 Square Foot Timber Cabin Only $33,350 Spacious Interior Must See

Are you looking to buy a log cabin kit? Check out this bestselling 1450 square foot timber cabin only $33,350 spacious interior must see! Some kits such as the one from this builder will be delivered and assembled on your foundation. This will save you the task of assembling it yourself or having to find someone else to do it for you. This can be a cost effective and simple way to build yourself a log cabin, without having to spend a lot of time and labor yourself. This kit is a panelized kit, which means it will be even faster to assemble at the delivery site. This is a good route to go because weather can make it difficult to build a home.

This log cabin kit comes with chink log siding and thermal break walls. The siding is made from eastern pine. It comes unstained and the owner has the option of which stain comes with it. The eastern pine looks like cedar when stained. This home is very spacious at 1450 square feet on two levels. The second level is a loft, which leaves a nice open feel on the first level with high ceilings.

In a panelized kit from this company located in North Georgia, most of the work is done at their site indoors. When it is delivered and assembled at your site it is usually assembled in one day. The prices include assemble. In these kits the windows are pre-installed as well as the siding. The doors openings are pre-installed as well as gable overhangs. The kit comes with the trim that is needed to finish the cabin once it is erected at the site. This is a very good option if you live in a rainy climate.

Panelized homes are different than prefabricated or modular homes. They are built the same way as building a home on site. Except most of the work is done at the manufacturers site inside in a dry climate. They are shipped by flatbed trucks, and do not use a wide load truck. They can also be delivered to a standard size driveway. You will need to have a foundation ready and hire a local crane with an operator. The fill details for the job site requirements are available on the manufacturers website.

For full details click on the link below for the Connor Construction Panelized Homes website.

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