Beech Rock Tree House

Beech Rock Tree House

People vary in what they can afford, so naturally they buy homes that suit their budget. Here's a beech rock tree house built by an innovative architect in Japan, and likely inhabited by some people with a bit more money in their pocket than the average person. While living in this unique structure might be out of the question, you and other tourists still get the privilege of being able to visit it in the woods if you wish. It was built in order to capture the amazing surrounding views propped at the top of a tree, with windows all around to feel fully immersed in the natural environment. It isn't big in size, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in access to beautiful views.

This article is actually a list of 5 awesome homes across the globe that boast views that are out of this world, or in it! While this one might seem a bit luxurious despite it's size, the other ones knock it out of the park. One of them is a small $400 million dollar apartment with a view looking over the ocean and surrounding city. They even got complaints from less endowed neighbors who have their own view obstructed by this over bearing design. Another one that stands out for being quite unique is a monastery in Greece perched atop the peak of a hill. Apparently monks fled from a Turkish invasion, and ran as high up the mountain as possible. They stopped when they reached a peak where they built this monastery with gorgeous views of the mountains ans scenery around.

If you want to see the full list for yourself, then I highly recommend going ahead and clicking on the link below to be redirected to the "Contractors" website today.

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