Bedrooms: 3. Bathrooms: 2. Pleasure: Limitless. (Click to View Floor Plan.)

Bedrooms: 3. Bathrooms: 2. Pleasure: Limitless. (Click to View Floor Plan.)

Log home floor plans and building kits have never been easier to find. This Brassua Log Home Plan is one of the many beautiful log home floor plans that you can find on the My Wood Home company website. Choosing your floor plan for your log home building project can be one of the most crucial steps you take in the journey of your log home building process. Choosing a plan is choosing the platform for your home, and the whole basis that it will exist upon. So you will want to make absolutely sure that you factor in all of the necessary items that you need and desire in your home so that it is the most comfortable it possibly can be, and so that you will enjoy calling it home forever.

A log home is an investment, after all, so you must be absolutely positive that you will love every aspect about your log home and that you will not want to do any drastic changes to the floor plan once it is complete. Doing such changes creates a lot of upheaval to the structural integrity of the home, and since log homes are so strategically built, sometimes once the house is built, that is pretty much it, there is no turning back and changing things to be different. This is why it is awesome that log home building companies like My Wood Home will work with you on your log home floor plan until it is the perfect representation of what you would like to see your log home to turn out like.

My Wood Home's website has a tool that helps you to begin the decision process on what you would like for your log home floor plan, to lead you in the right direction. So they begin by asking questions like, "Do you already own the land?" and "Do you have a budget set up?" . Through your answers, they direct you to the articles you need to read in order to gain the information that you want so you can move ahead to the next step of building your log home. The biggest mistake people tend to make in planning a log home is trying to include too many hallways. Creating a more open space concept will just create a better flow to the home, and increase the usability of the home as a whole.

The Brassua is a 1550 square foot home with two levels. Inside the lovely log home, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is more than enough space for a family to live in comfortably as a full-time home. The log home also features an attached garage and a lovely patio off of the dining room at the back of the house. The photo of the Brassua log home shows a gorgeous wrap around deck, which is also an option for the homeowner to build on after the log home has been built. The three spacious bedrooms are on the main floor, including a spare guest bedroom that can also be used as an office space. The house enters into the living room area and then naturally flows into the open concept kitchen and dining room area, where a kitchen island helps to maintain the openness between all of the rooms. The laundry room in the log home is located next to the garage and the kitchen, making for the perfect spot to minimize noise in the home. The windows chosen for the log home build are nicely rounded at the top of the window, creating a creative appeal to the home and making the windows larger than they are so that more sunlight can pour in. This would be a fabulous floor plan to choose and work with to build a log home or a log cabin. Check out many more plans on My Wood Home website!

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