Because a Log Home Looks Gorgeous, Feels Good, and Even Smells Beautiful

Because a Log Home Looks Gorgeous, Feels Good, and Even Smells Beautiful

There are many of us who relate Relaxing Cabins with a feeling of complete rejuvenation and retreat. Logs have been a long time favourite building material dating back to Roman times, so it is really no surprise that we are still using them today. Even though more modern man-made materials have surfaced over the years, logs still prove to be one of the best building materials for many reasons. Primarily this is because trees are a renewable resource that can be used, within reason of course, and then grown back over time to replenish the demand for them. Now that the demand for logs has increased over the years, we now have sustainable log tree farms and plantations. In these well maintained and monitored grounds, the trees are not wasted, and they are checked for quality before their go out to the mills to be processed.

Like some of the homes you see in this post from, logs build gorgeous, natural looking homes and cabins. Log cabins and homes can be very extravagant, or they can remain true to traditional styles, like the settlers used to build them. People love logs as building materials because they are so easy to work with, able to be carved and shaped into any form, and still be just as durable as when they are whole. The heart, otherwise known as the heartwood of the log, is where the log is the strongest, and it is where the log began to grow, and then grew layers upon layers as the years went on. The growing conditions and weather that the logs grow in can also attribute to the quality of the log. For example, trees that grow in warm climates with lots of sun would most likely grow too tall too fast, which doesn't make for a very strong tree trunk. On the other hand, when the trees grow in cold climates, you will see that they grow much stronger and sturdier in these harsher climates. This also makes their insulation properties even stronger and their overall durability much higher.

Log homes and cabins are perfect in all climates because they have this inner insulation that is a natural part of them. The thermal mass of a log is so high that it can keep the interior of the home nice and warm in the winter, keeping out the cold air, and keep a log home nice and cool in the summer keeping the warm air out of the home or cabin. So from lake houses to ski chalets, we see these log structured being lived in and used as recreational properties all over the world. The logs also have a natural water repellent when they are properly air dried or kiln dried, making them impervious and resistant to moulds and mildews that can often ruin a home. Logs are also naturally repellant to insects, making them a top choice for any area with wood eating or dwelling bug issues.

Many people know that log homes are not the cheapest way to build a home, and this is for good reason. All of the work that goes into providing logs to build one log home takes a ton of work by many workers, builders and craftsmen, as well as engineers, and designers. The quality of the logs alone is worth the money invested in a log home or log cabin. The price you also pay depends on if the log home is being manufactured or handcrafted, as handcrafted homes can usually cost up to $200 or more per square foot to build. But sometimes quality should come first, especially when building the home of your dreams.

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